June 22, 2013

Cuban FlagOne family we will visit is from Cuba. The husband (age 37) left Cuba in 2003 and the wife (age 23) left two years ago. They are both from the same community in Cuba, however they met in Spain. They traveled from Spain to Cancun for two days and then traveled to Tijuana. They made their way to the U.S. border where they sought political asylum. They spent eight or nine hours seeking asylum there. Then they went to Miami where they were able to reach out to Catholic Charities. After Miami they traveled to Arizona. They are excited to work and to learn English. They are enrolled in a community college here.

Cuban FlagThe next family is also from Cuba. The family consists of a mother (age 46) and her son (age 27). They waited for eight years to be able to leave Cuba. The mom worked in an electronic equipment export company as an accountant. She also worked as a hostess in a resort. After a long wait they received their visas and were able to travel to Miami and then to Arizona. The mother has a brother, sister and nephew who are still in Cuba. The mother and son are excited to be in Phoenix. They think it is very hot here! They are both enrolled in English classes. They are also excited to learn more about their new community.

Cuban FlagOur third family is also from Cuba. The husband is forty years old and his wife is thirty-two. They left Cuba in 2010 and traveled to Ecuador. The wife had to return to Cuba for medical reasons but she was then able to return to Ecuador. Their journey to the United States was very difficult. They traveled through several countries and used many different means of transportation. They were very unhappy in Ecuador where they were mistreated and faced discrimination. They have two young children who are still in Cuba. The mother is very sad, and cries to when she thinks about her children in Cuba. She is touch with her children but it is expensive to call them. WTAP has been able to secure some calling cards for the couple so they will be able to call more often. The couple is happy here, but they miss their children.  Eventually the children should be able to join them in Arizona.




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