June 27, 2015

Flag of Myanmar.svg    Our first visit will be to a family of four from Burma. The father is twenty-eight years old and the mother is twenty-five years old. They have two children (a son 8, and a daughter age 2). Burma is a country plagued by a fifty year civil war which has caused many families to be displaced. The father and mother met in a refugee camp in Thailand where they lived for the past nineteen years. There was no work in the camp and life was very difficult. The family arrived in Phoenix on April 23, 2015. The father has a tenth grade education, which he completed in the refugee camp. Both of their children were born in the refugee camp. The husband is currently working in an Asian store in Phoenix. He has relatives who have lived in Phoenix for the past three years. They live in the same apartment complex as this young family and should be help to ease their transition to their new home.

Flag of Syria.svg    A second home visit will be to a family of five from Syria. The father is thirty-four years old and the mother is twenty-six years old. They have two sons (ages 6 and 2 years old) and a daughter (age 4). The people of Syria have experienced a brutal civil war for the past five years. The family fled to the United States due to the effects of the war. Their lives were very difficult in their home country. The family arrived in Phoenix on April 20, 2015. The father worked as a taxi driver in Syria. He is licensed to transport 14 people in Syria. The father has a ninth grade education. In addition to his transportation license he is trained to be a carpenter. The father is willing to accept work of any kind but would like to pursue his trade as a carpenter. The six year old son will start school in Phoenix in August.  The family has no relatives in the United States, yet they are very happy to live here where they are safe and can provide a better life for their children.



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