Komezakaranga Drummers: Keeping a Culture Alive

Photo credit to Rick D'Elia of D'Elia Photographic

Two Sundays ago The Welcome to America Project held a fundraiser celebrating the rich culture of Burundi.  Delicious food and inspiring stories filled the evening. One highlight of the night was the performance of a drumming group called the Komezakaranga (which means heritage). The syncopation of the powerful drums sounded like heartbeats as the troop members sang, danced, and pounded on their instruments. The drummers gracefully balanced their drums, which are made of hollowed tree trunks and painted like the Burundi flag, on their heads- which is quite a talent! The Komezakaranga drummers aim to spread a piece of Burundi wherever they perform in order to keep their culture alive.  To find out more about these amazing drummers, visit


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