March 1, 2014

Eritrean FlagThe first family we will visit is originally from Eritrea. They left their country because of the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. They lived in Ethiopian refugee camp for thirteen years. In the camp they were given fifty kilos of wheat per month, no medical treatment, and no work. They left a mother, brother and daughter behind at the camp. They hope these family members will be able to join them soon. This family consists of mother (45), two sons (ages 21 and 14) and two daughters (ages 10 and6). The mother has a daughter who has been living in Arizona for five years.  The daughter has a job so they have some support. When they first arrived, they would enter apartment and lock doors in fear, now they have ventured out, met neighbors and learned about the area and think “life is good.”

Democratic Republic of Congo flagThe second family consists of a brother (age 24), a sister (age 26) and the sister’s daughter who is two years old. The brother and sister fled the Democratic republic of Congo after both of their parents died. They spent nine years in a refugee camp in Rwanda. The brother left his wife and two beautiful young children back in Rwanda, because they were not yet married when they applied for resettlement. The sister’s two year old child is bright and lively. She would love some toys and candy. The brother likes to play the guitar and keyboard and to listen to gospel music. They hope that the rest of their family will be able to join them in Arizona soon.

The last family we will visit arrived in Arizona recently and were reunited after time apart. The father has been here for a while and he is employed. The mother and daughters arrived recently. The whole family moved to a larger apartment. They need things to make their house a home. The youngest girl is waiting for her vaccinations so she can start school. They feel blessed to all be together and feel uncomfortable asking for things they need.

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