March 16, 2013

Iraqi FlagOne family we will visit is an Iraqi family of six. The father is forty seven years old and he uses a wheel chair. He was near a bomb that exploded which injured his leg and back. The mother is forty years old and the only female in this family. Their four sons are twenty-two, twenty, seventeen and nine. The nine year old and the seventeen year old are enrolled in school. The two older sons are taking ESL classes and they speak some English. After the father was injured by a bomb, the family left Iraq and lived in Syria for six years. They arrived in Arizona in November of 2012. The whole family hopes to learn English and the older brothers will look for work.

Burmese FlagThe next family is originally from Burma. About five years ago, the father and mother, along with their six month old daughter walked for twenty five days to get to Thailand. They only stopped to sleep when they were tired and ate mostly packaged noodles and water. While they were in Thailand they saved some money and sent for their son who was driven to Thailand to be reunited with them. Once they were together they went to Malaysia and then eventually arrived in Arizona in June of 2012. The father is thirty eight years old. He works as a custodian at a school and he understands some English. The mother is forty two years old. She keeps their house impeccably clean and smiles and giggles a lot. The son is seventeen and attends high school. The daughter who is five years old now, attends school as well.

Ethiopian FlagThe next visit will be to a family of three Ethiopia. The father is forty four years old and speaks English very well. He also speaks four other languages. He was an elementary school teacher and he left Ethiopia for political reasons. He lived in a refugee camp in Djibouti for thirteen years, which is where he met his wife. She is thirty three years old and is also from Ethiopia. The mom speaks some English and also speaks many languages. The family arrived in Arizona December 12th, 2012. They have an adorable three year old daughter, who is full of personality and very smart. The mother is pregnant and is expecting a baby girl who is due March 7th. They have a nice apartment and primarily need things for the new addition to the family.




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