March 21, 2015

Flag of Myanmar.svg   Our first visit will be to a couple from Burma. They fled Burma in 2007 and went to Malaysia. Malaysia was home for them for seven years as they worked hard, waiting for America to welcome them. They arrived in Phoenix in November of 2014! They know a few people in Phoenix and were able to rent an apartment close to their friends. The couple found employment at the same hotel where he works in the laundry room and she does housekeeping. They are able to use the city bus to get to work, and are adjusting well to their new home.

Flag of Cuba.svg  Another visit will be to a young man from Cuba. He came to the United States the end of 2014. In Cuba he completed high school where his studies were focused on engineering. He appreciates the strong economy in the United States and has already found a job!

Flag of Cuba.svg  The third visit will be to a Cuban couple. The husband is an eye doctor who was providing medical care through the Cuban Health Service in Venezuela and in Colombia.  From Columbia, he and his wife immigrated to the United States. He has been in Arizona since December, and his wife followed a little later. They like it in their new home. The husband is hoping to practice medicine again. He is planning to work hard to improve his English first, and then to pursue his medical studies.


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