March 22, 2013

Cuban FlagOne family we will visit comes from Cuba. The family consists of the husband (46) and wife (44). The couple has been in Arizona for three months. Like many Cubans, this family left Cuba for Spain two years ago. Cubans have dual citizenship with Spain. When the family lived in Cuba the husband drove a truck for a living. His wife was a factory worker. Because of the economic condition in Spain, the husband found work to be sporadic. They flew from Spain to Mexico then crossed the border into California. They were able to do this without problems because all Cubans who cross the United States border are granted asylum. The wife’s brother lives in Arizona so the family lived with them for a time. They are now living in their own apartment which they share with their 28-year old daughter. Their daughter has been in the United States for two years. They have plenty of space in this apartment, but not much furniture. Some of the furniture that they are using has been loaned to them. The husband and wife are enrolled in English classes and are working hard to improve English.  hope to find work soon. The husband expresses gratefulness and happiness to be in this new community.

Somali FlagAnother  young family we will visit is from Somalia. The family includes the father (26), mother (22) and eight-month old son. The husband and wife are gracious and pleasant. Their delightful son is all smiles.  The family has been in the United States for five weeks. They flew to Phoenix from Tunisia, where they had lived for two years. The husband and wife met and married in Tunisia. The husband worked in Libya as a meat cutter and laborer. He speaks English but is also  taking English classes here. He would like to take more English classes to speed up his fluency. They like Arizona weather and are happy to be here, where they feel safe.



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