March 24, 2012

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will visit is an Iraqi family of two consisting of a husband (24) and wife (26). This newly-married couple is expecting their first child in April. They escaped Iraq individually, and later met in Egypt where they married. The husband escaped extreme violence in Iraq. He has scars from being shot several times. The wife was in college in Egypt. Both liked Egypt very much, but the legal climate made it difficult to work. They like the United States and Phoenix but are still adjusting to the change. The family is extremely gracious and  well-mannered. They have a hard time asking for things but did express a desire for a television to study English. The wife, who has slightly better English than her husband, is hoping to continue her doctorate studies while in the United States. The husband requested a bicycle to use as transportation. Baby items also are needed for the arrival of their child.

Burmese FlagThe second family we will visit is a single man (50) from Burma who has been in the United States for five months. He shares a very small, sparsely furnished apartment with another gentleman. The man revealed he takes medication for respiratory and heart issues. He is still learning English. They are in need of kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, a tall dresser and a working television.

Eritrean FlagThe next family we will visit is comprised of two single men (32 and 25) from Eritrea. Their apartment is very neat and organized. Both men arrived very recently to the United States. They had to end school early. One worked as a farmer and the other entered the military prior to leaving Burma. They then lived in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. They both are very excited and eager to work here in the United States and are looking for work. One of the men is fortunate to have his brother, sister-in-law and nephew in the same complex. They are former clients of Welcome to America. The house is bare of many essentials such as cooking utensils and a vacuum. One of the young men has a strong interest in cooking. Any tools for cooking would be appreciated.

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