March 27, 2013

Cuban FlagOne Gentleman we will deliver to is from Cuba. Like most Cubans who come to the United States has experienced an usually harsh journey. In order to leave Cuba he needed to work outside of the country. He worked in Venezuela. He had to travel through many countries to reach the U.S. border in Texas. This can be an extremely grueling and dangerous journey because these travelers are targeted by thieves and other dangerous people. He felt that he reached a haven when he arrived at the Texas border. However, things became complicated at the border. All Cubans are allowed entry at the U.S. border. Unfortunately this gentleman was misidentified as being another nationality and was detained for several months, before the error could be corrected. There is often little room in the immigrant holding centers, so many undocumented immigrants are held in prisons. This man spent time in prison which was a very harsh introduction to the United States. He is close to middle age, but looks much younger. He was an Olympic trainer in Cuba who trained wrestlers. He was a wrestler. He also has training as a P.E. teacher, as a physio therapist, and a massage therapist. He has medical training in physical rehabilitation. He is physically fit and stands at least 6 feet 2 inches tall. He lives in a small one bedroom, third floor walk-up that is largely barren. He would benefit from all of the necessities of a household. He needs an appropriately sized  bicycle, which he would use for transportation to work. He is very dedicated man, who is eager to begin working in the United States. He is very appreciative of WTAP services.

Iraqi FlagThe other gentleman we will visit is originally from Iraq. He arrived in the US after first going to Syria and Malaysia. He is in his early twenties. His third floor apartment is a one bedroom which is relatively small. He fled Iraq over six years ago due to ethnic violence. He was injured by a bombing that left shrapnel in his foot. That injury required a long rehabilitation but he is okay now. His family also escaped from Iraq. Because he was concerned about finding work in Syria, his brother advised him that there was work in Malaysia. He worked as a tour guide in Malaysia, and also as a restaurant manager for over six years. Because of his legal status he both slept and worked in the restaurant. He has been in the United States for two months and has not yet found work. He is eager and willing to work. He also needs a bicycle, which he will use as transportation. He is about 5′ 10″ in height. He is fortunate to have his mother and sister here in Phoenix,¬† and other members of his family who are spread out across the United States. His English is strong enough that he should adapt quickly to the Untied States. He is also very appreciative of all of the help provided by WTAP.

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