March 28, 2015

Flag of Rwanda.svg    The first family we will visit consists of a sister and brother from Rwanda. The sister is thirty years old and the brother is twenty-four years old. Their parents are deceased; one was killed in an accident while the other died from illness. Rwanda has had a long history of occupation ethnic tensions which led to the outbreak   civil war in 1994. The sister and brother ended up in a refugee camp in Rwanda. Life in the refugee camp was very difficult and there was very little for them to accomplish. They arrived in Phoenix January 20th 2015. The sister has completed her education to the tenth grade level while her brother has completed his education to the ninth grade level. They both want to work in any job they can get. They also want to continue with their educational goals. They sister likes soccer and her favorite position is goalie. The brother enjoys playing soccer and his favorite positions are mid field and goalie. They have no relatives  in Phoenix, but they have a sister-in-law who lives in New York.

Flag of Myanmar.svg    The next visit will be to a family of six from Burma. The father and mother are twenty-eight years old. They have two daughters (ages 7 and 1) and two sons (ages 5 and 3). Burma is a country that has been plagued by 50 years of civil war, although the situation has improved in recent years. The family left Burma seven years ago when they were taken to Thailand by the army. They then left Thailand and moved to Malaysia to the city of Lupron. The oldest daughter was born in Burma and the other three children were born in Malaysia. While they were living in Malaysia they received refugee status through humanitarian efforts which enabled them to come to the United States. The wife has a brother and sister who are still in Thailand where they work as migrant workers but they do not have any family in the United States. The family arrived in Phoenix on January 27th 2015. The children will attend school as soon as they meet all of the district’s medical requirements. The whole family is learning to speak English by taking classes. When they lived in Malaysia the father worked selling vegetables, but he is willing to work in any available position in Phoenix.

Flag of Somalia.svg    The final visit this Saturday will be to a family of four from Somalia. The father is twenty-six years old and the mother is twenty-four years old. They have a son (age 4) and a daughter (age 1). Somalia is a country which has been in a civil war for the past twenty years. This young couple was forced to flee their country to the safety of a refugee camp in Ethiopia. The children were both born in the refugee camp. The husband and wife worked in the refugee camp with the Save the Children nutrition program. They arrived in Phoenix January 27th 2015. The husband is willing to work at any job once he receives his social security paper work. They are both taking classes to learn English. They do not have any family in the United States, but they are happy to live in their new community where their children will receive a good education.


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