March 7, 2015

Flag of Myanmar.svg The first family we will visit is originally from Burma. They fled Burma for Malaysia, where they spent over twenty years. They left Malaysia because their children could not get an education and there was increasing police force that made the country unsafe for them. The family consists a father, mother and their sons. The boys enjoy soccer and are also interested in skateboarding. The eldest son has a strong interest in computer software. He will join the Job Corps soon and is excited to acquire new computer programming skills. The father worked as a car mechanic in Malaysia while the mother was a homemaker. They hope to learn English, find employment for the father and educate their children in their new community in Arizona. They are happy to be in the U.S and are adjusting well.

Flag of Iraq.svg  The second visit will be to a family from Iraq. This family of five consists of a father, mother, twin boys and one girl. The mother is eight months pregnant! They are expecting a baby boy who is due to arrive on March 28th.  The mom is having some difficulty walking due to pain in her legs so she uses a walker. The family left Iraq and moved to Turkey where they lived for two years before coming to Arizona. The father has a sister who lives in Arizona. She has helped the family adjust to their new home.  The father was an electrician in Iraq, and his wife stayed home with the children. Their daughter enjoys ballet and dance and both boys enjoy painting. They feel very comfortable and safe in the United States. The family love the ability to find and cook food from their culture  in Arizona.

Flag of Iraq.svg   The third home we will visit consists of a mother, two daughters, and one son from Iraq. The sisters came to Arizona first and their mom and brother came a little later. The eldest sister worked for a “green zone” company in Iraq which had ties to the United States. She was was asked to leave the country. They left Iraq because they did not feel safe. The eldest sister’s main concern is for the safety and comfort of her family. They are a family of artists who enjoy sewing, painting, and listening to music. Their brother enjoys playing video games on his xbox and their mom enjoys cooking and watching TV and movies. They are a very close and happy family who are adjusting well to their new home in Arizona.

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