May 11, 2013

Iraqi FlagThe first family is a family of three from Iraq. The father is thirty-five years old and the mother is twenty-four years old. They have a son who is three years old and the mother is pregnant. The husband worked for an American company in Iraq, which put the whole family in danger. They were originally settled in California and they decided to come to Arizona to be with friends. They arrived in Arizona on March sixth of this year. The family hopes to get work, and get a good education for their children. Eventually, they hope to own their own home and business. They miss their family in Iraq but they are able to communicate with them daily through Skype.

Iraqi FlagAnother family we will visit arrived in Arizona from Iraq on March fourteenth. The father (age 35) was a taxi driver in Iraq. He would like to do that here as well. The mother (age 29) said their trip from Iraq to Arizona was long with many stops. The journey was especially hard because they were travelling with their two year old daughter and one year old son. They had too many suitcases so they had to leave some behind. They left two suitcases of new clothes for the children behind, and are now in need of more clothes for them. The mother has a friend in the apartment complex.  The children are active although the young boy is very shy.

Iraqi FlagThe last family we will visit arrived is also from Iraq. They arrived in Arizona on February twenty first. They followed a brother who worked with the U.S. Army in Iraq and had to flee to safety. The father (age 30) also has his parents living nearby. The mother is twenty four years old. The couple has a three year old son and two year old daughter. They are happy to be in Arizona and like the people here.  The dad is looking for a job to support his family.


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