May 13, 2012

Iraqi FlagThe first visit will be with a family from Iraq. This family consists of a father (45), mother (43) and six-year old son. They arrived in Phoenix six weeks ago. Their two-bedroom apartment is spacious but needs several items to make it a more comfortable home. Although there was no translator the day we initially visited, the mother was able to let us know their needs. We look forward to hearing more of their story on delivery day this Saturday.

Iraqi FlagThe next family we will deliver to is from Iraq. The couple left Iraq with their 7-year old daughter to escape growing persecution on account of their religion. The family had lived in Iraq for 30 years without conflict until the war started. Their neighbor was murdered on account of his religion. Fearing their safety, they hid with relatives for two months before fleeing Iraq to Lebanon. They lived in Lebanon for approximately 2 years prior to reaching their new home in Phoenix. They are enthusiastic about their life in the United States. The husband has a cousin who settled in Phoenix earlier and they were fortunate enough to have a church community here they are part of. The husband previously worked in construction and is familiar with general contracting and specialized tile work. The mother has been a homemaker. They are both happy to be safe and together in Phoenix. Their daughter is eager to go to school and make friends.

Iraqi FlagThe last family we will be delivering to is also from Iraq. Consisting of father age 29, mother age 32, and a daughter age 3. The father was assisting the marines in Iraq for 5 years with interpretation, which put their lives at risk. They were threatened and feared for their safety so they were allowed to leave right away. They came directly to Phoenix. They are very excited to be here and are looking forward to meeting the delivery volunteers. They commented that whatever we bring them would make them happy. The father speaks English, and the wife will be taking English classes.

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