May 18, 2013

Iraqi FlagThe first family to whom we will deliver is from Iraq. The family consists of of husband (34), wife (34) and two daughters, who are two and eight. They fled from Iraq to Turkey in 2011 due to threats they received because of their religion. The family received some help from the father’s sister while they were living Turkey. However, the parents were not allowed to work, and the elder daughter could not attend school. Both of the parents still have family in Iraq. The wife’s brother lives in this area and visits the family. They are very happy to be in the United States, and the daughter is enjoying school very much.

Iraqi FlagThe second family to whom we will deliver is also from Iraq. The family consists of the mother (48), and a son (23). Both family members worked for the U.S. Army in Iraq.  The mother worked at checkpoint and the son was an interpreter. Due to their work with the U.S. Army they would have been in danger if they stayed in Iraq. They fled to Jordan where they stayed for a year and a half. Neither the mother nor the son was allowed to work in Jordan, but they did feel safer in Jordan. In the past the mother worked in a salon doing hair and makeup. The son is very excited to be in Arizona. He has met friends. The mother is a little lonely here because she misses her daughter who did not make the journey with them.

Iranian FlagOur third delivery will be to a single mother who is nineteen and has move to the United States with her five year old son. She left Iran to go to Turkey with her husband. She stayed in Turkey for four years until the couple was divorced. She has only been in Arizona for a little over two months. The mother is working doing alterations on clothing. She would love to have her own sewing machine. The mother did work as a seamstress in both Iraq and Turkey. The son goes to daycare and he will start school in August. The mother is also a artist who would like to go back to school to further her education. The mother is happy in Arizona, and she has met some friends in her community.


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