May 25, 2013

Democratic Republic of Congo flagOne family to whom we will deliver household items and furniture is originally from the Congo. The family consists of two cousins. They moved from Congo to Uganda and then the United States. The family spent nine years in Uganda, where conditions were harsh. They faced discrimination in Uganda. The cousins also had a hard time finding work in Uganda. They had been involved in the tourism industry and worked for Safari tours when they lived in Congo. One cousin is currently being trained to work in hotel housekeeping services. He definitely needs a bike for transportation to work. It would be best if each of the cousins had his own bike for transportation. One cousin is 5’7 and other cousin 5’9.┬áTheir apartment is a moderate to small apartment which is located on the third floor in a very tight stairway. They are both enjoying the United States very much.

Burmese FlagWe will deliver to another family who is originally from Burma. They moved from Burma to Malaysia before being resettled in the United States. This young couple has a very young son who is full of energy. The son was born in Malaysia where it was difficult for his parents to find support services or work. The family lives in first floor apartment. They are in need of the basics for the boy, such as toys and storage. Their apartment complex has an existing Burmese community which affords them the opportunity for socialization. They are very thankful to WTAP and are glad to be in the United States. The father is fortunate to have found work in a golf resort.

Burmese FlagThe last family we will visit is a family of four who are originally from Burma. This family consists of the mother who is fifty-one years old and her three sons who are twenty, eighteen and twelve. They were farmers in Burma. They left their country because it was unsafe. They crossed the border into Thailand and then lived in Malaysia for six years. Life in Malaysia was tough because of their undocumented status. The mother and oldest son worked in restaurants to survive. They had to pay bribes to avoid being turned in to the authorities. The two younger boys attended school and learned some English. They find Arizona to be very hot and had some adjustments to make when they first arrived. The oldest son wants to work, and eventually to buy a car and go to school. The middle son wants to work, to get his GED, and to get job related training. The youngest son is currently attending school. The mother has a sewing machine and likes to sew.


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