May 26, 2012

Central African RepublicThe first we will deliver to is from the Central African Republic. This family of nine is shares a moderately sized 3-bedroom apartment. The apartment is bare except for the basics needed to sleep and some and other living essentials. This family left their home nation because of war and conflict. They moved to Cameron for two years but found the working and living environment to be extremely difficult. There was education available for the older children. The only job available for women was typically cleaning. The father is deceased so the mother and older female children manage the several young children. They are fortunate to have a relative in the complex who helps in caring for the children. Two of the family members plan on entering school in August. The older children are too young to start. Their tight space is in need of furniture for storage such as dressers. They are also in need of a tire repair kit for the preschooler’s bike.

Iranian FlagThe next family we will visit is from Iran. This family of three lives in a second story apartment. This family consists of a husband, wife, and middle school aged daughter. They are from a small minority in Iran that suffers persecution. The conditions for being allowed to work, go to school, or do anything to further oneself were so intolerable that they fled to Turkey where they stayed for nearly two years. Conditions in Turkey were better, but there were still strict rules and regulations in order to access work. In Iran, the father was a mechanic. He continued this work in Turkey on a much smaller scale. The mother has a passion for learning English and is very excited to get a TV for this purpose. The daughter is about to enter middle school. She could use school supplies. Although they are new to area, they have a passion for exploring. They would love to acquire some adult bicycles for the family to assist in their exploration.

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