May 4, 2013

Burundian FlagOne family we will visit is originally from Burundi. The father (49) and mother (50) left Burundi with their three children (now 27, 16 and 14) over ten years ago due to the war in their country. First, they traveled to Rwanda, and then continued on to Ethiopia. The younger children were able to attend school in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, the older son and the father were not able to work in Ethiopia. Occasionally they got small jobs that helped them subsist in the refugee camp. The family has been in Arizona for almost a month and they are adjusting well to their new community. The younger children are in school, and the older son is looking for a job. All of the family members speak some English which will help them to adjust to their life here. Despite the challenges of adjusting to a new country, they like the United States and they are happy to be here.

Bhutanese FlagAnother family we will visit is originally from Bhutan. Both the mother (30) and father (29) left Bhutan as children and grew up in Nepal. They met, married and had their two children (ages 3 and 1) in Nepal. This family has only been in the United States for one week, but they are adjusting well. They are fortunate to live across the hall from their cousins who arrived in the United States just over a year ago. The mother and father grew up in a refugee camp and they have not had the opportunity to be trained for any type of work. They will be learning English and then looking for jobs here in Arizona.

Burmese FlagThe last family we will visit is a single woman (26) from Burma. She left Burma by herself in 2008 due to the political unrest. After she left Burma she she traveled to Thailand. She was able to work as a waitress in Thailand where she learned some English. She has been in the United States for about two months, and she is looking for work. She is currently living with a roommate who is also from Burma. She also has an aunt who lives in Phoenix. She is happy to be in the United States even though it has been difficult to adjust to her new home.




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