May 9, 2015

Flag of Afghanistan.svg   The first family we will visit this week is a family of four who arrived from Afghanistan on February 8th. The father (age 27) worked for a U.S. company in his home country. His affiliation with a U.S. company put the family in danger. The mother (age 28) had to leave her disabled mother and three brothers in Afghanistan. The couple has  two sons (ages 3 and 6 months). They are expecting another baby in four months! The father  just started a new job, so they have little money for their expenses. They need any baby items, and also clothes and toys for  the older children. They hope to be able to get a car soon which would make life easier for their expanding family in their new home.

Flag of Sudan.svg   The second visit will be to a thirty year old man from Sudan. After he fled Sudan he lived in a refugee camp in Malawi for 8 years. In the refugee camp he was unable to study or work. He arrived in Arizona on January 27th without any of his family. His mother and sister still live in Sudan. He speaks English and hopes to find work soon. He would also love to have his family join him in his new home.

Flag of Myanmar.svg   The last family we will visit consists of a a couple and their three children from Burma. When they lived in Burma they were rice and corn farmers. They fled from Burma to Malaysia. The thirty-five year old mother, their daughter (age 8) and two sons (ages 11 and 6) arrived in Arizona on January 27th to join their father/husband who has lived in Arizona for two years. The family is very happy to be reunited. The mother is energetic. She is very and excited for the opportunities the children have to study and better their lives in their new community!

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