November 16, 2013

Iranian FlagWe will visit the home of two young men from Iran. They are an uncle (26) and his nephew (20). They arrived in Phoenix at the end of September. When they lived in Iran they, and members of their family, were not allowed to work in government jobs or go to university because of their religion. After they fled Iran they went to Turkey where they lived for seventeen months. While they were living in Turkey they were able to find work sporadically. These gentlemen have an uncle who lives near them in Phoenix. The uncle has helped to ease their transition to life in their new home. They both look forward to finding jobs and to attending college in Arizona. The older of the two men is interested in dentistry. They both have good English skills and an optimistic outlook. These qualities should help them to find success in there new community.

Afghani FlagWe will also visit a family from Afghanistan who has lived in Arizona for a little over two months. The father (60), mother (55) and one son (24) arrived here a year after their older son (27). The father was subjected to many threats when he lived in Afghanistan. He moved to Pakistan because of those threats. Eventually, he settled in India where he married a native of India. Although he lived in India for over thirty years he was never allowed to have Indian citizenship. Now that he and his family are living in the United States he looks forward to gaining citizenship someday. Both of their sons have found employment. The older son has helped his family acclimate to their new community. WTAP visited the older son when he first arrived in Arizona. The family has the older son’s photo from WTAP’s welcome visit on their apartment wall! It is heartening to see this family reunited in Arizona, and for WTAP to have the honor of welcoming all members of the family.

Iraqi FlagWe will visit a family from Iraq. The family consists of the father (54), mother (46) and four children who range in age from eleven to sixteen years old. The children are all attending school. The parents experienced many safety and security issues in Iraq that caused them to seek a safer place to raise their family. They traveled to Iran before they came to the United States. The father has family who live in Texas and California. The mother’s family is still living in Iraq. The mother was a teacher for 24 years and she hopes to teach here when she can.  The children love school here and the freedom that comes with living in a safe place.


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