November 25, 2015

Flag of Cuba.svg     We will visit a young couple who arrived in the United States about a month ago, who originally hail from Cuba. Like many Cuban nationals, these two were on a medical mission in Venezuela for about three years before they escaped to Colombia. They waited in Colombia for six months to receive their paperwork to enter the United States. The husband has training as an emergency room nurse and the wife was a pharmacist at the local hospital. While in Colombia, they had to support themselves so they worked in construction. They hope to get their medical certifications renewed in the US, although they  know this is a time consuming process. While they try to become certified in the United States they are working to improve their English language skills and are looking for jobs. The wife in in the process of interviewing for jobs in Arizona. They have family still remaining in Cuba – each was married before and has two children. The wife’s youngest son is a teenager and has been granted approval to join them in the United States in ninety days. The son is a huge baseball fan and is a pitcher for a team in his native Cuba.

Flag of Cuba.svg     We will also visit a family of three from Cuba (near Havana) that has lived in Arizona for three months. In Cuba, the mother worked in communications, the father was a machinist and the daughter (age 19) was completing her education. The family is awaiting paperwork to allow them to begin to work in the United States and they are eager to get started. The daughter hopes to work until the family is financially stable. After that she wants to attend college. Like most teenagers, she has is uncertain what she would like to study in school, but knows she will have many choices here. The family unanimously agrees – they LOVE America and all of the opportunities for independence and self sufficiency that their new home will offer them.

Flag of Cuba.svg     Our third visit will be to another young couple from Cuba. They left a small town called Bayamo in 2013 for a medical mission in Venezuela, followed by their arrival in Colombia in February of 2015. The wife is an eye doctor and her husband is a dentist. They have been in Phoenix about a month and the husband is already employed at a local factory. The wife is waiting for paperwork so she can begin to work. They hope to get back into the medical field eventually, first as assistants to learn how the system works here. This family has much to celebrate in their new home. They recently celebrated the wife’s twenty-seventh birthday and are happily awaiting the birth of their first child in May! They are looking forward to learning their new baby’s gender – although they will be happy to have a healthy baby – no matter whether it is a boy or girl! They have wanted to come to America their entire lives and are so grateful to have this opportunity to experience the American dream and raise their family here.



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