November 30, 2013

Sudanese flagThe first visit will be to a single gentleman from Sudan who is thirty-two
years old. After this young man’s father died in 2010 he left Sudan and went to Libya where he stayed for about a year. He studied car electronics and welding for a while. Unfortunately he had to stop attending school because of discrimination and the need to work to pay his bills. He worked in a barber shop and in various construction jobs. Eventually, he moved to a refugee camp in Egypt. He arrived in Arizona on November 13th of this year. This gentleman is looking forward to finding any job and to starting his life in his new community. He would like to study and to have better
opportunities. It has been one year since he has spoken to his family. He spoke
with a friend who has seen them, and he hopes to be reunited with them in the

Democratic Republic of Congo flagThe second visit is to a young mother who is twenty-two years old
and has a one year old daughter. They are originally from Congo. They left their country and moved to Rwanda to escape their country’s war. This young woman has been separated from the rest of her family while their papers are being processed but she has hope that they will be reunited soon. She and her daughter arrived in Arizona on September 18th. The mom speaks some English and she enjoys living in Arizona. The sweet little girl likes to carry her baby doll around and to give the doll kisses on the top of the head. The mom hopes to find work, to study and to become self-sufficient.

Iraqi FlagThe last family we will visit is a young couple from Iraq. They arrived in
Arizona on June 26th of this year. The husband just began to work at a job translating for a medical company. The couple is expecting a baby girl towards the end of December and they need baby items. This young couple originally came from a small farming village in northern Iraq. The husband worked with the American Army as an interpreter for 6 years and he speaks English very well. He is very interested in learning about the American culture. The wife does not speak English but she  wants to learn.

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