November 7, 2009

Iraqi FlagOur first family is a lovely young couple from Iraq. They are expecting their first child in March. The husband is 34 and the wife is 31. The husband’s most recent job in Iraq was for the American Embassy. He worked for the rehabilitation and rebuilding of each of the 18 provinces of Iraq. He is very proud of a letter of commendation from our US Ambassador to Iraq. His story is similar to so many….his life was threatened because he was working with the Americans. He has an AA degree in graphic design. He has worked as a media community manager, an executive manager in clothing sales and other jobs with similar responsibility. He is fluent in English. He is trying very hard to find a job. This is his main concern at this time.

Iraqi FlagOur second family is another wonderful young couple from Iraq with a darling 3 year old son and a daughter due on November 16. The husband is 31 and the wife is 27. The husband has a degree in computer engineering and is very qualified and experienced with IT work. When he began to get threats to his life he went to work in Dubai for 3 years before coming here in July. The wife has a degree in chemical engineering and worked for a lab supply company. The husband is fluent in English and the wife understands English well. They are looking forward to having new “pink” baby clothes and other baby items that are new. They would especially like to have a changing table with shelves and drawers for their new baby girl. The husband is also trying to find a job.

Iraqi FlagOur third family is yet another lovely couple from Iraq. The husband is 36 and the wife is 25. He worked as a technician for Fox News in Baghdad and she was a teacher of Geography and English at a college there. They arrived here in July also. She speaks fluent English.

Iraqi FlagOur fourth family is an energetic happy couple with 2 children from Iraq. The father is 44 and the mother is 35. The children are a son age 8 and a daughter age 3. We visited with the mother and daughter. The mother speaks no English. She grew up in Babylon. She loves to cook and entertain lots of friends and is hoping to have more chairs to accommodate them. They arrived here in August. Her husband worked in security in Iraq.

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