November 9, 2013

Iraqi FlagThe first family is a family of three from Iraq. The father is 65, mother is 58 and the son is 21. An older son left Iraq in the past. He has been living in Arizona for four years. His parents and younger brother began receiving threats as soon as the older brother left Iraq in 2010. They decided to leave Iraq immediately. They lived in Syria two years and in Turkey for one and a half years. During their stay in Turkey, the son was not able to finish high school. He worked in a photo shop and received some training. The family is comfortable here and has some support from relatives who live locally.

Burmese FlagThe second visit will be to two single men that have been placed in same apartment. The first one is 32 years old and is from Burma. He has family in Indiana but he decided to come to Arizona to live near his friend. His family left Burma due to religious persecution. The second man is 19 years old and was born in Thai camp. The gentlemen do not speak English very well yet. They are adjusting to their new life in Arizona.

Burmese FlagThe third family is also from Burma. They came from a small village in Burma whose people are persecuted by the government. They walked through the forest for weeks to get to Thailand. The family spent seventeen years in a refugee camp in Thailand. While in the camp the adults (father (52), mother (48) and grandmother (83)) kept to themselves and did not learn other languages. The fourteen year old daughter who is very confident was able to learn English in the camp. She would like to become well educated and find a good job, so she can help her family. There is also a nine year old son living in the home. The children are both enrolled in school. In addition to the usual household items that WTAP will provide during out visit, the daughter would love to receive pictures and decorative items so she can make her bedroom and the rest of the family’s home attractive.


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