Family Bios: Oct 22, 2016


Our first family is a couple from Cuba.  They both participated in the Cuban Medical Program, the wife is a Medical Doctor and the husband is a Physical Therapist.  They met in Venezuela while they were both working.  They were then sent to Columbia, where their living situation was terrible and after 6 months, they decided to make the trip to the US to seek asylum.  The wife is now working as a Youth Care Worker and the husband hopes to find work soon.


Our second family is also a couple from Cuba who participated in the Cuban Medical Program, both as Medical Doctors.  They were also sent to Columbia where they lived in terrible conditions.  They are both still looking for work and focusing on developing their English in the meantime.


Our third family is consists of a husband and wife.  The wife was an accomplished dance instructor who toured in Africa and South America.  The husband worked as a taxi driver.  They faced oppression from the Cuban government and had a limited supply of food and trouble finding housing.  They made their way through Mexico and were granted asylum in the US 3 months ago.  Their families remain in Cuba. The couple have high hopes for life in the US. They see much opportunity and are hard at work improving their English language skills and hope to find employment soon.


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