October 12, 2013

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will visit is a family of four from Iraq. The family consists of a father (57) mother (53) ,  a daughter (22) and a son (18). This family is very excited to be living in Arizona. The father worked as a truck driver and the mother worked at home. One of their sons was kidnapped and they had to pay a ransom to get him back. Once the son was returned they were able to leave Iraq for the US. They came here by way of Chicago and Philadelphia. The son and daughter would like to go to school, but they will be looking for work first. The daughter speaks English very well and will be interpreting for all three families that we will visit this week. The exciting news is that the daughter is also engaged!

Iraqi FlagThe second family we will visit is also from Iraq. One member is a daughter of the first family we will visit this week. The wife worked in the US Embassy and the husband worked in the green zone. They fled Iraq for the same reasons as her family from the first visit. They have two sons who are two and five years old. The five year old will be starting school within the next few weeks.

Iraqi FlagThe third family we will visit is also from Iraq. This family consist of a father (56), mother (49) and two sons who are eleven and seventeen years old. The father was a pilot in the army, but is not able to work due to an injury. Their lives were threatened in Iraq, so they fled. The sons are in school and are enjoying it. They also have a son and daughter-in-law who live nearby. They are glad to be here and to be safe.


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