October 15, 2011

Bhutanese FlagOur first family is from Bhutan and consists of a mother age 46, two sons ages 6 and 11, and one daughter age 16. They fled to Nepal where they spent 17 years in a refugee camp. The father was taken away and  forced to work with the military. He escaped at some point and fled to the camp. He died before the family was processed to come to the US. The mother and kids were not happy in their first apartment in Phoenix because no one spoke their language. They recently moved and are happier.

Bhutanese FlagOur second family is also from Bhutan and consists of a father age 39, mother age 41, 2 sons ages 13 and 17, and a daughter age 8. They fled Bhutan at night to Nepal where they lived for 18 years. The dad taught children in the camp for 5 years. When they were approved to come to the U.S., they had to hire a taxi to get to the airport due to a strike with the IOM vehicles. Because of this they couldn’t bring all of their belongings. The father is working 32hrs a week and Mom is taking English classes. The father has family here–a brother, mother and dad.

Burmese FlagOur third family is from Burma and consists of a father age 40, mother age 35, two sons ages 5 and 9. The father was forced to carry supplies for the military. He escaped and the family fled to Malaysia where they only stayed for 1 year because the mother needed urgent medical treatment. She is doing much better now. They are very happy to be here and the father is now working at a local golf course.

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