October 18, 2013

Bhutanese FlagOne family we will visit is from Bhutan. the family consists of a father (35), a mother (41), two sons who are seven and ten years old and a daughter who is three. The father left Bhutan in 1992 and spent twenty-two days in India. He then traveled to Nepal where he lived for twenty-two years. He met and married his wife in Nepal and that is where all three children were born. Life in Nepal was not easy because it was difficult to meet the basic needs of daily life.  The father did some construction work and painting in Nepal, while the wife stayed home with the children. They are very excited to be in Arizona. The father has a cousin and brother who live nearby. The proximity of family always helps with the adjustment to a new home for our WTAP families.

Bhutanese FlagAnother family we will visit if also from Bhutan, consisting of a father (31), a mother (25) and a daughter (4). The father’s seventeen year old brother also lives with the family. They also left Bhutan in 1992. The father’s brother was born in Bhutan and their daughter was born in Nepal. The father worked in Nepal making furniture. They are very happy to be here. They are enrolled in English classes. The brother is already enrolled in school. He speaks English, which should help the family acclimate to life in Arizona.

Iraqi FlagThe last gentleman we will visit is from Iraq. He is fifty-nine years old. He is currently in a wheel chair. He has a close friend of twenty nine years who moved to Arizona from the East Coast to help him. His friend is also in a wheel chair. This gentleman has a brother and sister who live in Sweden, and another brother who lives in Lebanon. They hope to join him in the United States soon. He is not enrolled in English classes yet. The agency is working to find someone come to teach him English in his home. His roommate has some English work books. The roommate is using these workbooks to help his friend learn some common phrases. How impressive that they are using the resources they have to help them adapt to life in the United States!



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