October 19, 2011

Iraqi FlagOur first family is from Iraq and includes a father (40), mother (34), three daughters (11, 2, 1), and two sons (17 and 14). This lovely and gracious family was very social and shared much of the journey. The dad is an electrician who worked in a candy factory for 10 years. He liked his job very much and would like to have a similar job here. Due to the civil war in Iraq and the many conflicts it brought, the family did not feel safe. After living in Syria for one year they returned to Iraq believing things would be better – but they were not. They relocated to Turkey for two years before they came to Phoenix. The family is grateful to be here and finally feels safe. The dad said his first priority is to find a job to support his family. The 14-year old son is deaf in both ears. The family is concerned that his hearing aid may not be right for him and that this may affect learning English and succeeding in school. This son is a wonderful artist. The family showed us many of his drawings and they are exceptional. Special requests: high chair, cribs, games for learning English, bikes, weights, sewing machine and art materials.

Iraqi FlagOur second family is from Iraq and consists of a father (54), mother (48), two sons (17 and 15), and a daughter (8). This family has suffered greatly in their homeland. Both parents have physical and emotional issues due to their treatment in Iraq. They are so grateful to be in a safe place and to be welcomed into their new community. The younger son provided much of the translation during our visit. Both sons were pleasant and asked for very little. The apartment has no overhead lighting and very little furniture. The boy’s closet was empty except for two shirts and one pair of pants. Despite their traumatic past, they are optimistic for the future in their new community. Special requests: table and floor lamps, sport balls, xl/jumbo diapers, blood pressure cuff, sewing machine and clothes for the sons.

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