October 2, 2010

Iraqi FlagOur first family is from Iraq and consists of a single mother (she is divorced), 18 year-old daughter and adult son. Her other adult son lives in the same apartment complex with his wife and their two-year old daughter. The family came to Phoenix via New York in May, directly from Iraq. Her son was working with the American army in the Green Zone. Because of his work, they received numerous kidnapping threats and feared for their lives. While in Baghdad, the mother worked as a hairdresser. She has medical issues, including back pain and is not working yet, but hopes to attend hairdressing school here. Her Son’s recently starting working at Ranch Market. Her daughter is enrolled in high school and is in the ninth grade. Their current apartment has been treated for bugs multiple times so they are hoping to move to another apartment in the same complex a few days before our delivery.

Iraqi FlagOur second family is a family of five from Iraq: the father, mother, a 14 year-old son, an 11 year-old daughter and a 4 year-old son. They arrived in Phoenix on August 12, after living in an apartment in Turkey for two years where they applied for refugee status. While in Baghdad, the father worked for the American army, providing transportation for Iraqi interpreters. A number of other family members worked as interpreters for the American army. Five of them were murdered in Iraq: the wife’s sister and her twin daughters and two nephews. This family has suffered a lot, received numerous threats and feared for their lives. Before they left Iraq, someone set off a car bomb in front of their house. The wife and children were in the house when the bomb went off and the windows were blown out. The husband has a video of the aftermath of the bombing on his cell phone, which he shared with us during our Home Visit. The kids feel safe in their new home. Their daughter was afraid to go to school in Iraq because of threats. Now she wakes up early and looks forward to school in Phoenix. The father reports that they are learning English and making friends in the apartment complex.

Iraqi FlagOur third family is from Iraq consisting of Father, mother, and seven adult sons. Only two sons live here with the parents. This wonderful family suffered tremendous loss in Iraq, one son age 38 and grandchild age 6 was killed. They have a son who is an interpreter for the US armed force. Once the Iraq government found out the family was all threatened. Another son was kidnapped. He is now living here. They left Iraq in 2007 to Syria where they spent 3 ½ years until their arrival here in 8/24/2010. The two sons living here are taking English classes one at Phoenix College and the other at the Sienna park apartments. The mother has some health issues and is using a wheel chair. In spite of all they have been thru they are very happy to be here and feel really safe. They are looking forward to having the other sons and grandchildren join them.

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