October 29, 2011

Somali FlagOur first family is originally from Somalia. When the parents left Somalia they went to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. The father is 52 years old and the mother is 47. They have a son who is 19 and a daughter who is 16, both born in the refugee camp. The family has been here since September 20. They do not speak English and most of our home visit was translated through a third party on the phone.

Somali FlagThe second family we visited is also from Somalia. This family consists of a mother (48) and son (13). From Somalia they went to a camp in Egypt where they stayed for 6 years. Life in the camp was hard but they had help from UNCR. The plane ride over was the first they have ever been on. They enjoyed it and said there were 5 other families on board whom they knew from the camp. They arrived in Phoenix on September 27. The son is attending school. He is in need of shoes (size 13). The mother is attending ESL classes in the apartment complex where they live.

Eritrean FlagThe last family consists of a 44 year-old mother, her 14 year-old daughter and three sons whose ages are 13, 11 and 8. The mother is originally from Eritrea. From Eritrea she went to a refugee camp in Sudan where all her children were born. She did not have money to pay the expensive cost of education so she applied to leave Sudan. They arrived here on August 31. All the children are attending school. The daughter was home the day of our visit, because her bus pass expired so she could not go to school. When she is not at school she studies at home. She would like to have a computer to work on. The boys like to play soccer with the neighbor kids. Mom is taking ESL classes at the apartment complex.

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