October 5, 2013

Iraqi FlagOne family we will visit is a family of five from Iraq. In 2004 the father (41) began to work as a builder for the United States army. Life became less safe in Iraq which forced the family to apply to leave their homeland. The husband and wife have family in the United States so they came here. The wife’s sister is still in Iraq. Their eldest child is a sweet, somewhat shy eleven year old girl. There are also two younger male siblings who are eight and six years old. The young boys have recently started to attend school here in Arizona. The father is willing to take any job and is looking forward to learning English. His hopes for his family are that they enjoy a peaceful and safe life.

Iraqi FlagAnother family we will visit is from Iraq. The mother (62) and her two adult sons (31 and 28) arrived at in mid-August. This Christian family left Iraq in 2011 due to the lack of safety in their country. They lived in Lebanon for twenty one months before they came to Phoenix. The mother’s sister lives in the Phoenix area. However, most of their family is still in Iraq. Both sons have college degrees: one in physics, the other in technology and theology. The sons and mother all speak and understand some English. They are very enthusiastic about the English classes they are attending now. The sons hope to find jobs soon and they love the Phoenix area.

Iraqi FlagThe third Iraqi family consists of a father (33), a mother (30) and two sons (seven and six). Two adult nephews live in the same apartment complex and give the family support in their new community. The nephews speak English so they can also translate for the family. This friendly family left Iraq in 2011. They lived in Turkey for close to two years where there was no work and no schooling for the children. Most of their family is still in Iraq. They do not have plans to apply to join the family in Arizona. The father was a driver in Iraq. He hopes to find a job when he learns English. The family members are joyful to finally be living in a safe place.


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