October 13, 2012

Our first visit is to a woman (34) who arrived from Iraq in September. She received her visa before her husband and was encouraged to come to the U.S. before him. She worked as an interior designer and a graphic designer in Iraq. She would like to continue to work in design once she is settled in Arizona. She does not receive refugee services because whe came to the U.S. on a visa. She has been sleeping on the floor with a blanket and pillow, and is in desperate need of a bed. Her mother and father also remain in Iraq. They hope to join her in Arizona someday.

The second family we will visit is a couple who met in a refugee camp in Nepal. The wife left Bhutan with her family when she was just one year old. Her parents are still living in Nepal. They are waiting for their documents so they can join her here. In Nepal the family lived one day at a time. They were unable to make plans because they depended on the International Rescue Committee for food and necessities. The couple arrived in Arizona on August 13, 2012. The husband is in the process of getting a job, and the wife is pregnant. They are expecting a baby on October 7th. They have some family members who live nearby and are supportive.

The last visit this week will be to a twenty-three year old man from Iran. When he left Iran he went to Turkey, where he worked in a hotel for a year and nine months. Upon his arrival to the United States, he was originally brought to Portland. He found Portland to be too cold, so he relocated to Arizona two months ago. In Iran he studied electrical engineering. Unfortunately his mother had a heart attack. He chose to suspend his studies so he could take care of her. Now that he is settling in Arizona he would like to study nursing. He currently lives with a roommate but he plans to move to his own apartment once his has found employment.

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