Reflections from an International Student Volunteer

Submitted By Agung Barata

I’m Agung Barata, an international student from Indonesia studying at Scottsdale Community College on a scholarship from the U.S. State Department. I was really impressed volunteering with WTAP as it gave me unprecedented insight on refugees. It also made me appreciate my life at home. I have a great family and we live in a secure area without war, conflict or other hardships that are commonplace to refugees.

Because of my life free of hardship, I don’t often think of refugees’ lives abroad. The majority of my experiences with refugees have been after they arrive in the United States. However, I learned about the refugee camps and their extremely dreadful conditions with the lack of food, water, and sanitation. Luckily, by joining a great non-profit organization (WTAP), I was able to make a small difference for them. Additionally, volunteering helped educate me on the very real situations happening worldwide and helped me understand a world with human trafficking, starvation and political conflict.

I was really impressed with this experience, and I was really glad for being able to volunteer; it was a magnificent blessing being able to see people live peacefully after years of conflict and sadness.

Truly all people have the equal right to live, work, and study in a proper way. WTAP helps refugees settle into a very unsettled life. This project definitely encourages and inspires me and being able to help has increased my self-respect. I would love to volunteer again. Thank you WTAP.

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