Refugee Turned WTAP Volunteer

Submitted by Sue Koesser

The WTAP Clothes Closet is an opportunity for volunteers to help create a “shopping” experience that allows refugees to select gently used clothing for their families. The Clothes Closet wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers, and for over a year, a young refugee named Cadeau has become a main contributor to these events.

A Phoenix refugee becomes a volunteer for WTAPAs one of our most reliable volunteers, Cadeau helps organize the line of shoppers, hands out shopping bags, assists with sign-ins, sorts donations, folds clothes and even helps the shoppers find what they need. And he does it all despite his difficult journey to America.

Cadeau was born in Congo in 1997 and when the war broke out, his family fled to a refugee camp in Burundi. Cadeau then discovered he needed heart surgery but local doctors were unable to help. His family was brought to Phoenix so Cadeau could have this surgery. His mother explained he is very grateful, but he has two more surgeries ahead. She also said he’s a good student and a great helper at home. And it’s with this positive attitude that he contributes to the Clothes Closet.

We can all learn from the helpful heart of Cadeau. Thank you Cadeau for your hard work and the joy you bring to us all.

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