Computer Program

What Sits In Your Office Stands to Transform a Life

English language skills and a reliable job are critical factors for a refugee to become self-sufficient in Arizona. We empower refugees to achieve self-sufficiency by sharing computers with them. We partner with PCs for Refugees to wipe donated computers clean of personal information. Then, we program the computers with tools for language learning, job searching and career development. In the past six years, PCs for Refugees and The Welcome to America Project have been able to provide over 2,000 refugee families in the Phoenix area with a free preloaded computer at home, this translates to over 7,000 individuals who now have easy access to a computer in their own home.

You can give your used computer a second life with a refugee family in our community. We are collecting desktops, laptops, monitors, keyboards and other computer accessories to share with refugee families. Donations of computers are accepted Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 8 am to 11 am. Additionally, if you have the skills to repair and program computers, you can contact to learn about opportunities to volunteer and help get computers ready to share.

To learn more about PCs for Refugees or to request a computer as a refugee or on behalf of a refugee visit,