September 26, 2015

Flag of Sudan.svg   One visit will be to  a family of four from Sudan. The mother is 36 years old and she has three children. There are two daughters (16 and 14 years old), and a son (age 7). The family fled Sudan to Egypt in 2007.  They were accompanied by the children’s father who sadly, was kidnapped. He is missing and is feared dead. The family arrived in Phoenix on August 8, 2015. All the children are in school already. They are very glad to be in school in America. The mother plans to go to school too. She would like to work and is willing to accept any kind of employment. They have no other family members in the United States. The mother does have a friend in their apartment complex who is from her country and helps with her adjustment to her new community.

Flag of Cuba.svg    Another family we will visit consists of a husband and wife from Cuba. The husband is 41 years old and the wife is 30 years old. The family fled their home because all aspects of their lives were controlled by the government. They also found working conditions to be very poor. The husband worked as a bartender, a waiter and as a cook. The wife worked in the government Department of Economics. The family arrived in Phoenix September 1, 2015. The husband and wife attend school and are learning to speak English. They are willing to accept work in any capacity. They are are very glad to live in America where they can pursue a better life.

Flag of Hungary.svg  This week’s final family group is composed of two young men from Hungary. One young man is 24 years old and the other is 23 years old. There is also a woman living with them who is 39 year old. They arrived in Phoenix May 3, 2015. The 23 year old man is in need of dental work. The two young man have found employment in the warehouse at a large discount store. They enjoy being in the United States and have developed a social life. Their situation is very sensitive and volunteers should not question them about their past. They would like to attend college and continue their education. Both men love country music and want to learn country dancing!



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