September 28, 2013

Burmese FlagThe first family is a family of six originally from Burma. The
parents were vegetable farmers in Burma who were told by the government that they could no longer work the farm.  The farm was a distance from their home so they would spend the week at the farm working and travel home on weekends. During the commute from the farm to their home, they often had their food taken away by soldiers.  They were unable to feed the family and had to flee Burma.  The family spent over ten years in a refugee camp in Thailand. They arrived in Arizona in July of 2013. The
three boys (ages 18, 15, and 11) and one daughter (age 6) are all attending school.  The family also has an older son who lives in separate apartment and helps with translation.

Burmese FlagAnother family we will visit consists of the father (age 30),
the mother (age 31) and their four year old daughter. They were farmers in
Burma who left their land due to lack of food and safety. They spent some time with a group of thirty other people from their village living in the jungle with
little food and no health care. They had to build their own shelter with supplies they could find in the jungle. They spent over ten years in a refugee camp in Thailand. During their stay in camp, they “adopted” two orphaned children but were not able to bring them to the
United States because they do not have papers which prove that the adoptions are legitimate. The family is happy to be in Arizona and they are studying English. They would like to have their two adopted children come to live with them and to see that all three children get a good education.

Central African RepublicThe next family consists of eight people from the Central
African Republic. The thirty year old male is currently employed and speaks
English. The fifty-two year old female does not speak English. There is a seventy-six year old female in the family who is currently in the hospital. The five boys (ages 16, 14, 13, 11 and 11) are all attending school. After leaving  the Central African
Republic the family spent time in Chad where they worked selling garlic, onions
and tomatoes at the market. They arrived in Arizona in June of 2013 and are thankful
to be here.

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