September 29, 2012

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will visit is from Iraq. The father (37) and mother (33) have two children, a nine-year-old daughter and ten-year-old son. The father was an interpreter for U.S. forces and feared for his family’s life. They were sent directly to the United States and have been settled in Arizona. Both children are in school and they are learning to speak English quickly. The mother and the father are of different religious backgrounds. The mother does not speak English yet. The father and son love to play and to watch soccer.

Iraqi FlagThe second family we will visit is also from Iraq. The father (55) and mother (42) both worked in a Christian Church. The head of the church was killed and this family feared for their lives. They left Iraq for Turkey, where they spent over one year struggling against discrimination. They tried to find work and a place to live. The son is 20 years old and he loves soccer (Barcelona is his favorite team). The daughters are 21 and 12 years old.  The twelve-year-old daughter already speaks five languages and will attend school as soon as she is enrolled. With her facility for language, she will certainly be successful in school in Arizona.

Bhutanese FlagThe last family we will visit consists of a father (48), mother (43) and their two daughters (ages 22 and 20) from  Bhutan. The mother says that their country is very beautiful, but they were forced to leave.  They live in a refugee camp in Nepal for twenty years. Their youngest daughter was born in the refugee camp. The family liked Nepal, but decided to leave so their daughters can have a better future. The youngest daughter speaks English well and wants to study business. The family arrived in Arizona in July. They had a rough start because their first apartment did not have working air conditioning. Unfortunately their previous apartment was also infested with bed bugs. They recently moved to new, clean and cool apartment complex. They need new furniture – especially upholstered pieces, which are bug free!

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