Arizona Tax Credit

Recent changes to the Tax Credit for Aid to the Working Poor are good news for our Arizona supporters! SB1179 removes the requirement that a taxpayer itemize deductions on their personal Arizona individual income tax return. Whether or not you items, your taxes dollars can directly impact the lives of refugees.

Cash donations to WTAP qualify for this tax credit meaning you can donate up to $400 (for joint filers) or $200 (for single filers) and deduct the full amount directly from your 2015 taxes. As you consider your year-end giving, now is the time to submit your tax-deductible donation for 2015.

We are not supported through government grants and 100% of our funding comes from community contributions from individuals, businesses and foundations. This is why your tax credit contributions are so critical for us.

The great news is that this tax credit is in addition to your school tax credits. You can claim both, so please consider supporting WTAP with your tax-deductible gift today!


Qualifying Organizations, 2013:

Note that WTAP is listed as “Welcome to America Project, The”


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