This week’s families May 2, 2015

flagge-sudanThis man was resettled to the Tucson area in August of 2014 and made his way to the Phoenix area a short time ago.  He is originally from the Darfur area of Sudan.  He loves music, especially classical music and is an avid dancer.  He is working on his English in classes here and figuring out what he wants to do next.  He feels incredibly lucky to be here and likes the calmness and quiet of the United States.  He believes the safety and security we feel here in America is most important.

Flag_of_Iraq.svgThis family was resettled in March, 2015 and includes husband, wife and 9 year old daughter.  They come to Phoenix from Baghdad, Iraq where the husband worked in security and the wife worked in a factory.  The little girl is in third grade and learning English quickly.  She loves to ride a bike and wants to learn how to swim this summer.  Iman’s interests include sewing and knitting.  The father commented that the weather is similar here to Baghdad which he enjoys.  The family loves learning the new American culture and appreciates that they can live comfortably and securely.

flag_Kenya2From Kenya, the mother faced a great deal of hardship there, so she came to the U.S. The mother can’t return to Kenya. The daughters are 20 and 14. One  wants to be a pharmacist, the other is 14 years old, in high school. The reunifying of this family has been in process for several years and just happened last week. They are so excited to join their mother here.

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