Volunteer Experience: Peter Tlale

Submitted by Peter Tlale

Volunteering with The Welcome to America Project really impacted my life in a progressive way. It made me think of how privileged I am to be residing in a country with less violent behaviors compared to other countries globally. One aspect that opened my eyes was the fact that a person does not have to be rich in order to make a difference in other people’s lives; it just takes effort, sacrifice, and putting another person’s needs before your own.

Peter TlaleIt is really heartbreaking because refugees do not ask for their country to be affected by so much political instability and unending problems. They are robbed of ever seeing their family members again and some do not have the desire to go back to their country. These refugees are on the verge of breaking but still must seek employment and learn a new language, which is why I think it is up to us to make the adjustment easier.

This situation makes me think of difficult questions. What if it was me who was told to shut down my business or else my family would die? Would I have survived this traumatic experience? What can I do to help refugees as they flock to my country?

I also got to see the real face of American people, their humanitarian spirit towards others. Engaging yourself in community activities shapes a society. As an individual it inspires you to do more and give back to the community because there is always someone who is crying for help. Let us unite and be responsible citizens.

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