Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Lay

Chris Lay: Delivery Driver and Salesforce GuruChrisLay

How long have you been volunteering with WTAP? 

My wife and I have been volunteering since we moved to Phoenix, so about September or October of last year.

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working with WTAP? 

We have met so many people. The volunteers and refugees we meet are all great. What stands out to me the most are the refugees who were so well educated and successful in their home countries, but coming here that means nothing for them. You know they want to succeed and give back like they were able to do before. They just need a welcoming hand to encourage and assist them while they get their footing in this new country.

Why do you choose to donate your time to WTAP?

This is a great organization meeting a real need. So often we do work, sit in strategy meetings, or rant on Facebook about the needs of the world. This is a chance to actually make a difference for people, not just talk about it.

Describe an experience you had while volunteering that made you realize you were making a difference.

Every weekend it’s obvious we are making a difference. We come in and most of the apartments are completely empty before we arrive. When we leave it looks like a home, a modest home, but still a home. Every time we leave a home and the family is crying, or have huge grins across their faces, it’s easy to see the difference this simple gesture is making.

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering?

I work with a social media training company and also work with another local non-profit full time.

What secret powers or talents do you have?

I speak over a dozen languages. (of course, that’s only about 1 word in each).

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