New Volunteer Signup

If you have already signed up for an account on the previous site, you will not need to sign up again and may proceed to the Volunteer Calendar to register for an event.


Create an account here to sign up for volunteer events. Adult volunteers, please fill out the form listed under the “Adult” tab. Parents or Legal Guardians must fill out this form if planning to volunteer. You do not need to fill out the form if you have signed up on the old site and/or filled out the Volunteer Agreement form.

Groups. Each member of your group will need to complete the volunteer application. In order to sign-up, please email for availability.

Parents or Legal Guardians

These forms must not to be completed by minors. Students (17 yrs. and younger) will need to have their parent or guardian complete the form. Parents or legal guardians, please click on the “Student/Child” tab below and fill out the form once for each minor who will be volunteering.