Welcomes Postponed Through September 30th

March 12, 2020

Announcement from WTAP Regarding the Coronavirus and Our Precautions

One of the reasons that we welcome is to be good neighbors. We want refugees to know that we are glad they have arrived and are safe from harm.  Refugee wellbeing is our overriding objective. In order to be a good neighbor and keep refugees and volunteers safe, we’ve made the decision to postpone warehouse volunteer activities, household donation in-take, refugee welcomes, clothing closets, tours and bike nights. We hope that this will be a short-term postponement and for now have removed all volunteer events from our calendar through April 30th. We also have closed the warehouse to incoming household donations. We’ll reevaluate as we learn more about this coronavirus pandemic.

Those who have joined our welcomes know how intimate our adventures are. Lots of handshakes and hugs. Lots of loving hearts. All in small settings. Clearly, it’s best that we postpone our welcomes, acting in a neighborly way.

Please know that we are very ready to welcome.  We’ll just have to be patient. We look forward to future welcomes. Happy, healthy gatherings where we can say loudly and safely, “Welcome to America”.

Mike Sullivan, Agency Director